E! News Lists Wild Shot in Celebrity Drinks That May Be Perfect for Your Next Meal

Feeling Hungry? 17 Celebrity Food and Drink Products That May Be Perfect for Your Next Meal

by MIKE VULPO | Mon, Nov 14, 2016 6:00 AM

Pull out the wine glasses and empty plates. It's time to enjoy the sweet tastes of Hollywood products.

While some celebrities choose to focus solely on their craft of singing, acting or being themselves on reality TV, others take on the title of businessperson with a few side projects.

E! News logo and Toby Keith's Wild Shot mezcal

Tequila’s Smoky Cousin Gets Push From World’s Biggest Distillers

Bloomberg News

A Mexican liquor is beginning to win over the hearts of U.S. consumers, and it’s not tequila.

Pernod Ricard SA, the world’s second-largest distiller, is creating a brand to join rival Diageo Plc in the growing market for mezcal, a premium agave-based spirit. The brand, which will hit U.S. shelves in the first half of 2017, is the latest investment in the category by a large beverage company.

Global Exports of Mezcal Will Continue to Grow Three Times As Fast As Tequila

Mezcal Steps Up: Meet Tequila's Agave Kin

Mezcal’s unique smoky character and ancient background is proving to be a quality component in the spirit world today. Bars and restaurants are catching on to original and tasty mezcal cocktails that are sure to satisfy. Toby Keith’s Wild Shot is proving to be legendary in itself; drawing in new mezcal drinkers and introducing the spirit to all of his restaurants.  Read more about mezcal and the Wild Shot story right here

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