Toby Keith's Wild Shot Mezcal Creates Flaming Cocktail In Spirit Of Hit Song "Beautiful Stranger"

While listening to Toby Keith's latest album, 35mph Town, Wild Shot Mezcal's creative team thought, "Wouldn't it be cool to create a drink around this album?". The lyrics to "Beautiful Stranger" were most inspiring.

"Beautiful stranger in the candlelight

God must have told you

That I needed this tonight"

CANDLELIGHT! That's it! And the team got to work on a flaming cocktail.  It turns out that all you need to make a flaming cocktail is an alcohol higher than 80PROOF (check!) to float on top of an alcohol that is less than 80PROOF and a lighter. The team followed these helpful tips from Cocktails of the World:

* Warm the glass you are going to serve your drink before you begin.

* Prepare your cocktail.

* Pour a bit of the highest proof alcohol into a spoon.

* Ignite using a long kitchen match.

* Carefully pour flaming liquid into the cocktail.

* Serve immediately.

* Extinguish before drinking. (Blow it out.)

* Use extreme caution.

* Most importantly: Never drink while flame is still lit!!!

The Wild Shot Mezcal team does not recommend trying this at home.  Note that the flame will resemble more of a blue glow. The room's lighting may need to be dim in order to see the blue flame.

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