How To Drink Mezcal

                Mezcal is one of the most unique liquors out there. Although it has been made since the 16th century in Mexico, it is just now starting to become popular in the US. So if you’re new to Wild Shot, you may be thinking, “that is a cool looking bottle, and I really like Toby Keith. I should try it! But wait, how are you supposed to drink mezcal?” Well your friends over here at Wild Shot have got you covered.

                Mezcal is somewhat to tequila but if tequila is the electric guitar of spirits, then mezcal is Jimi Hendrix's Strat at Monterey: volume cranked, feeding back like hell, and on fire.

                For beginners trying to tame the spirit, we recommend replacing half an ounce of your other booze with mezcal. Check out our recipes page for Toby Keith's signature cocktail called, The Blue Mezcalita, a simply must have recipe cocktail for the summer for beginners and veterans alike. 

                For mezcal veterans, we recommend drinking mezcal straight like you would sip a scotch or cognac. Take it from Toby: “I chill it and sip it… like you would whiskey.”  Salt or fresh orange or lime slices are a nice compliment to the strong, smoky robust flavor of mezcal. 

                There are plenty of ways to enjoy mezcal.  Just follow Toby’s advice… "I don't care if you sip it or shoot it! Hell, put it in a needle and stick it in your arm! I don't care! Viva Mexico!"

Blame it on the Worm,

Wild Shot


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