A Full-Bellied Fiesta: Cinco de Mayo

Kick off your Cinco de Mayo celebration this year by pairing Wild Shot mezcal with a three course meal.

Mezcal is meant to be sipped slowly and paired with the right foods to enhance the mezcal experience and to wake up all the senses. There is only one thing better than this... sharing the experience with your family and friends.

Start your Cinco de Mayo with Wild Shot's lighter variety: Wild Shot Silver. Wild Shot Silver is bottled directly after distillation. This method makes way for a neat and more organic mezcal flavor. Bring out the natural agave flavor of Wild Shot Silver by pairing it with mangos, pineapples, pears and avocados. Even the richness of pomegranate juice will compliment the smoky, rich notes of Wild Shot Silver. We recommend Wild Shot Silver, guacamole and a fruit salsa as an excellent first course option. 

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Your second course should bring out the complexities of mezcal. We recommend that you move on to Wild Shot's other carefully crafted variety: Wild Shot Reposado. The Reposado is distilled twice and aged in oak barrels for 6 months before bottled. This method of producing the spirit brings out a more oak-y, smoky and intense mezcal flavoring. These characteristics pair exceptionally well with carne asada, or a flank steak, lightly seasoned and grilled. 


The third course should compliment the first course and contrast with the second course. Stray away from a typical dessert and offer a delicious and sweet Wild Shot cocktail that is not only tasty, but playful. Try the Wild Mexican Lemonade. The limencello ingredient will cleanse the pallate and quench the thirst. The perfect book end to a terrific meal.

Let us know how pairing your mezcal with our three course suggestion goes by submitting a comment to WildShot.com. Cheers to a full-bellied Cinco de Mayo fiesta this year!



For the Cocktail: 

1 1/2 oz Wild Shot Silver Mezcal
3/4 oz Limoncello di Capri Liqueur
1/2 oz fresh-squeezed lime juice
Top with 3-4 oz 7UP
Method: Pour all ingredients over ice into a Mason jar. Top with 7UP. Stir and serve.
Garnish: Slice of jalapeño (coin size) and fresh sprig of cilantro


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