Easy Recipes For Your Summer Cocktail Parties

Toby Keith's Hammer Down Tour is synonmous with a crazy summer-long party. This summer, Wild Shot is bringing the inflatable bar back on the road wherever Toby goes and that means pure and simple: it's time to Hammer Down. 

Now, you might be asking, "How do I 'Hammer Down'?". Don't worry, Wild Shot has got you covered. 

Prepare to Hammer Down with all of Wild Shot's easy to make cocktail recipes. Not sure what you're in the mood for today? Doesn't matter. Try making literally any one of our cocktail recipes and consider your tastebuds satisfied. 

Our favorite Wild Shot cocktail recipes for the summer are: Wild Mexican Lemonade, Wild Shot Pops, Blue Mezcalita, All-American Jar, & Red Solo Cup. 

Hurry up and relax with Wild Shot Mezcal this season and try any one of our easy cocktail recipes for your summer-long party. 


(Don't these look refreshing??)

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