Wild Shot celebrates its 2nd birthday by remembering launch day back in 2011.

Since then, Wild Shot has continued to make huge strides in the liquor industry, serving thirsty patrons across the nation. What are you waiting for? Grab some Wild Shot and let's celebrate!


The Tasting Panel, Steve Brooks, Director of Beverage Development for Tumbleweed Tex Mex Grill & Margarita Bar
“I’ve tasted some other mezcals, and none really were as appealing as Wild Shot. It is definitely the smoothest mezcal I’ve ever tasted, and for me to drink it straight, it’s that good. It’s that smooth.” - Steve Brooks, Director of Beverage Developement for Tumbleweed Tex Mex Grill & Margarita Bar


Toby Keith and Wild Shot Provide Delicious New Recipes for the Holidays 

Wild Shot Mezcal is this season’s favorite liquor for its smooth, smoky character that will warm you right up. Check out how...


Wild Shot is warming up for a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday this year. No matter where or how you give thanks, Wild Shot should be there to help you celebrate. Bring the family and friends together to try our new Wild Shot recipes and enjoy the mezcal and holiday spirit to its fullest.

Get creative and try adding the smoky mezcal to your turkey baste for more of a kick this...


We all raised our glasses to the 2nd annual National Mezcal Day on October 21st, 2012. Spirit websites and blogs like,, and the (just to name a few) celebrated by posting their own press regarding the holiday. Other exciting highlights from the week included the official launch of Wild Shot’s new website, a brand...


Mezcal’s unique smoky character and ancient background is proving to be a quality component in the spirit world today. Bars and restaurants are catching on to original and tasty mezcal cocktails that are sure to satisfy. Toby Keith’s Wild Shot is proving to be legendary in itself; drawing in new mezcal drinkers and introducing the spirit to all of his restaurants.  Read more about mezcal and...

Wild Shot's Inflatable Bar

Toby Keith’s Live In Overdrive Tour presented by Ford F-Series featured Wild Shot in select tour markets. Fans were able to sip on Toby Keith’s signature cocktail, the Blue Mezcalita, which was served behind the newest addition to the tour, the Wild Shot inflatable bar!

In every market where Wild Shot was served, an emcee from the main stage announced the location of the inflatable bar...


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