Toby's Story

“I have always been fascinated with Mexico and the drink Mezcal. It is a part of my life. Mexico is a theme that runs through many of my songs.  The tradition and history of Mezcal is magical to me. Mezcal dates back to the 16th Century warriors celebrating the defeat of their enemies. There is an agave worm in every true bottle. And, the worm is not there for the look, it is there to be eaten. It is believed that the worm will bring a special experience and every individual will feel something different. I believed there was a complete void in the market place in getting this drink to the average person, so it seemed natural for me to start a business selling Toby Keith Mezcal.”

Are You 21?


Wild Shot® Mezcal, 43.4% Alc./Vol. (86.8 Proof).

Imported by Shaw-Ross International Importers, Miramar, Florida.

Toby Keith is a registered trademark. Any use of his name, image or likeness must be approved by TKO Artist Management.

Enjoy Responsibly.


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